Dear Athletes, Coaches, Parents, and Fans,

Welcome to Bertha-Hewitt activities!  It is our belief that extracurricular activities are an extension of the classroom and provide an opportunity for our students to learn important values in a team setting.  We use the philosophy “We Before Me” to guide the principles of our programs.  In all that we do, as athletes, coaches, parents and fans, we will use respect, accountability, perseverance and sportsmanship to put the success of the team before ourselves.


David Mills, Bertha-Hewitt Activities Director



The Bertha-Hewitt School District recognizes the educational and social benefits of providing competitive activity programs for its students.  Our activities will promote values that are essential to being a team first player. The concept of “We Before Me” emphasizes that student-athletes will not only learn skills that are essential to their own personal performance, but more importantly will learn the value of being a good teammate, a good person and putting the success of the team ahead of one’s own personal gain.



The Bertha-Hewitt activities department will offer a variety of opportunities for students to choose from.  Our goal is that each student will find at least one activity that they enjoy and actively participate in. During that participation we will provide quality leadership through coaches and advisors that emphasize the importance of both team and personal growth.  Our coaches will lead by example, teaching and modeling characteristics common among successful teams; respect, accountability, perseverance and sportsmanship.